Monday, March 18, 2013

The Breeze is blowing

I spent an evening rearranging the blocks on the design closet.  I finally settled on this which met my basic requirements of not having 6 squares lined up in a block and utilizes the "L" in each block for a secondary pattern.  Though truth be told, that made it much harder to pull together.

Here it is assembled and pressed.  I believe that every quilt can teach me something. This one is a study in scrappy and color value.  I tried to create a controlled scrappy. There is one splat of dark red that I didn't catch in the design stage. It is staying.  I can also now see as set of 6 long strips stacked that I didn't catch earlier. Also staying put.  Partway through the block construction, I realized that some Ls point east and the others west, so rather than pointing them all in the same direction, I accommodated the early error by making sure there were 6 of each at the end.  It might have been easier in the design phase to rip a few seams and point them all in the same direction.

I have learned that I'm not totally comfortable with scrappy.  It might be the limited palette here - there are 12 fabrics which are repeated throughout the center of the top. Perhaps with a wider variety of fabrics, I would be more comfortable. Something to think about as I prepare for one of the Volume 2 quilts.

Still a firm believer in STARCH.  It made it much easier to match the seams on the blocks.

Next step - borders.

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