Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reporting In - Friday Night Sew In

The theme of the night - Borders (and Basketball).  March Madness is in the house - so perhaps I didn't spend as much time sewing as I might have - but I did enjoy myself.

A tool I never knew I needed is the retractable tape measure.  When Gus and Mike went to Thimble Pleasures, Gus picked one out for me.  It is on a lanyard, so I can hang it on my ruler wall or around my neck. Lots of measuring happened last night - first across the middle of the quilt to attempt to ensure it is square when finally complete - then to ensure the borders are the correct length. 

Rather than have the join in the border hit the center of the quilt on each side, I measured in from one end to determine where to place the pins for the correct length of the border - them matched the middles up and pinned the borders down. The inner border is completely attached and two of the outer border strips are sewn on and the third pinned down.

In other news, the Tar Heels defeated Villanova last night and advance to the Round of 32 to be played Sunday evening. We have theater tickets to see Anything Goes so will miss most of the game.  We watched Florida Gulf Coast upset #2 seed Georgetown last night and Wichita State take out #1 seed Gonzaga tonight, so we are hoping that UNC can pull it out against Kansas and advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

This morning Gus and I headed out to the American Tobacco Trail to ride with his Scout Troop. Gus completed 25 miles - and has now completed 3 of the 7 rides for his cycling merit badge.  I rode around 12 miles - gradually increasing distances each ride I take.  After lunch with friends and a trek around REI to get bike computers and other supplies, I took a nap. Gus went outside to shoot baskets for a half hour... I wish I had half his energy.  Tomorrow morning Gus has 3-on-3 hockey, so hopefully I can get back in my sewing room again this weekend.


Fiona said...

Hi Kirsten,
such lovely colours in your quilt. I have one of those tapemeasures too and it is so useful...
thanks for coming round to my blog..the message came through as a no-reply so I haven't been able to reply but I do love visitors...

Impera_Magna said...

I don't know what I'd do without a tape measure... and have several, including retractable ones. I keep a small retractable measure in my purse b/c you never know when one will come in handy! (Plus it's a nice "toy" to entertain little ones for a bit as well.)

Sports on TV are a great way to tackle some of the less fun sewing tasks, like pinning borders.

Congrats on a successful FNSI!!!