Monday, March 25, 2013

Direction Matters

My seam ripper saw a bit of action recently.
I got a bit over confident when pinning the inner border strips for the Breeze quilt...

It made sense from the perspective of lining up the seam to use the inner corner as a spot for the long sides to aim at... turns out not so much.

So out came a seam ripper and then the re-stitching. Though one of the strips took me four attempts to get it line up correctly so that they would come out even.

So must remember to sew across  the short sides.  Much better!  And this lower set is the one that was ripped apart multiple times. You can see on the lower edge where it doesn't match up correctly. 

For the outer borders, I used a ruler with the 45 degree marking on it - and didn't have any issues with the seams not lining up correctly. Did have an issue with one of the strips being cut a bit wonky - so that side faces out and will get straightened out when I have finished quilting and need to trim.


Dawn Winter said...

Hi Kirsten,
THanks for dropping by my blog :)
I've been following along yours for a little while, I posted when you got Mollie! How exciting for you. Have you gotten to use her much?

I am at the place of putting on borders too, and although I'm not doing it the same way as you, I'm following the instructions in the QA vol 1 which is a bit different, I still had a several go's of seam ripping to do before I got it basically working. Don't know what the problem is, but they don't really line up perfectly.

Kirsten said...

I've looked at quite a few ways of joining the border strips together to find one I'm comfortable with. I've got some really elaborate border fabric for one quilt that I'm not sure how I'll end up joining that one.

I've played with Mollie a bit - had a lesson on using rulers yesterday, so of course had to bring home a collection of rulers.

Cheers, K