Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fire Truck Quilt Finish!

Finito - well almost.  As I type this in Denmark, I realize that the absolute final pictures are on my camera at home in Chapel Hill - so they will be added when I return home.

Gus is my ever willing quilt holder and shows here the result of many evenings spent waiting for him to get off the ice as I stitched on the binding. Normally I ask that he get off pretty quickly.  I surprised him that week by letting him stay and play with friends as I wanted to at least reach the end of the thread that I was working on.

At the Hemby Cup, over MLK weekend, I added the label - and took quite a lot of grief from one of the hockey dads in the process. Yes, having something to do with my hands helps me to be less nervous, and yes, my intent was to hand this over to Beth that night so that she could deliver it to the birthday boy.

As Promised - the Completed Pictures (sideways... argh)

A few days later, I received these pictures of the happy birthday boy!