Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mission Organization - Confession of a Craft Supply Hoarder

This is likely the first in a series of short posts as I tackle the sometimes overwhelming hoard of craft supplies.  I have come  to accept my hoarding tendencies and hope to never find myself featured on reality TV.  I would like to think that this is related primarily to craft supplies. Mike would probably disagree. I think it stems from keeping the memorabilia for when it is time to do the scrapbook. The problem is, that often as I'm putting together a scrapbook, I've forgotten that the memorabilia exists or misplaced it or it is in another state (scrapbook retreats).  So I end up with more heaps of things that I'm not sure where to file - but am certain I will need. I'm the same way about favorite items of clothing.  Recently though, I've started to take a more "brutal" attitude toward my wardrobe, so am clearing and donating more items and more "but I mights..." 

I'm normally pretty careful to photograph around the piles of stuff. But isn't the first step admitting you have a problem?  This is Mike's desk. Or in my mind, that is what it was supposed to be. Can you see the printer to the right, and the scanner a bit above to the right (that is on a bookshelf)?  The longer Mike put off wading in to use the desk, the more fabric and other stuff got piled on it.  That was one of the first areas to be tackled last Thursday night.  Initially the boxes, baskets, trays and bags of fabric were stacked in the middle of the floor. As I needed to clear the desk in order to turn it 90 degrees. This is a desk my father and I made when I moved into my first apartment - bookshelves for a base and a very heavy top. Dad cut, I sanded and stained.  It is nearly 30 years old and going strong.

Phase two - before opening Mollie's boxes, you can see where the stack of fabric moved. To the left of the picture is the shelving (I do not have a before picture of that disaster on purpose). That was just too embarrassing. I will take a during picture for a future post as there is a lot to do still.

And my cutting/pressing station. Another flat surface that has collected "junk" though some of that is a result of having just moved the black trunk (an antique wardrobe trunk that I've not been able to motivate myself to give away... though I'm getting closer...).  In the picture I can see on top a miniature quilt from a swap that still needs to be hung on the wall (I really like the quilt), pressing sprays, obviously my iron, the "ice rink" from one of Gus's toys (has now moved to his room), the Creative Memories paper trimmer, several bags of fabric, a box with markers and fabric for signature quilts ... and this is just on top. Stuff underneath is a bag of UFOs, a basket of half-done fleece scarves, more fabric and the placemats I just brought back from Denmark (now put away in the dining room).

I am pleased to say that on Monday night, while helping Gus finish his science poster, I tackled the bags of fabric and have the bulk of the fabric from the boxes, baskets and bags somewhat organized in the tubs which form the base of the cutting station. I have placed a small table underneath in place of the basket and bag which is containing various quilting supplies that were previously scattered around the room.  Huge progress. And I have a better handle on my stash.

As an aside, I found just 1 true pink fat quarter during the sorting and organizing.  I'm not a "pink" kind of person, and having a son have avoided stocking up on pink, but it surprises me to learn that I have more orange (which I detest) in my stash than pink.


SandraB said...

It takes courage to tackle these reorganizing projects. You are motivating me to renew my efforts to be more organized. It is hard to part with our stuff.

Kirsten said...

Friday, before leaving for my son's hockey tournament, I tackled the kitchen counters. Two of which had become dumping grounds for everything. Am encouraging the males of the household to actually put the food in the pantry instead of leaving it on the counter (purged the pantry shelves a month ago but there is more to do in there).