Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the Mom Cave - Sandwiching the Samplers

Spent another evening with my movie, my fabric and my son.

In the time it took to play Love Actually again, I finished pressing the strips, sewing the second set of backings, and subcutting the 9 sets of non-washed squares.

Then moved on to sandwiching the samples.  To my left - the stacks of pre-washed squares and to my right the stacks of unwashed squares.  With great ceremony, I removed my carefully tied set of 48 14 inch square (or not so square) batting blocks from their box and untied the bow.  Happily, there is a sticker on the corner of each sample with its stats - name, content, quilting density recommendation, etc- the basics that will be entered into the spreadsheet as I start sewing.  I numbered the pieces that are being filed for future reference, and removed the sticker from the pieces that would be sandwiched - numbering those stickers as well and taping them onto my reference sheet of paper. I'm not sure if it is the 2 or more years that the stickers have been on the batting or that some of the batting is just more sensitive to sticky than others - but in some cases some serious fluff came off with the sticker so I had to be careful not to just rip it.

My system was stack and pin and number the pre-washed and then the not washed. Being careful with each set of three batting squares to draw from each pile equally. I'm happy to say that I now have the first 9 matches sets pinned and ready to stitch on.

Next step is to press and repeat for the remaining 7 sets. Can you guess which of these fabrics is the pre-washed muslin?

Oh, and I figured out why we don't pull out Love Actually to watch as a family.  Turns out it is rated R.  OOPS!  Gus wandered in after his bath and sat down under my feet to watch the movie.  Suddenly, I hear "...uh MOM!... what is this rated?"  I spin around to find that the body double couple is rather au natural - probably the most graphic scene in the movie. I dropped a towel over his head which he left there until he heard the music for the scene change.  Ah well. A good conversations starter for us.  Not the first time this has happened with the DVD collection.  Pre-Gus we didn't pay attention to movie ratings... and some of that carries into the DVD collection.

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