Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dolphin Signature quilt - horizontal rows

This is my first quilt using sashing and corner stones. I spent much of Saturday squaring blocks and constructing the rows.  The next step will be to attempt to sew the rows together with matching corners.

For the cornerstones, I chose a teal both for the coordination with the dolphin fabric and also the relation to ovarian cancer.  The borders on this quilt will be first white and then the teal again.  To make the sashing strips, I first sewed 16 8 inch strips onto one long teal strip. Then trimmed each of the teal squares and pressed them.  Those 16 were joined to 8 then to 4 (kind of like sporting tournaments - as an aside, the UNC Women's Lacrosse team made it to the final four this afternoon) and a final white strip was added.

I then pressed the narrow strips and realized that the 9 patch strips, which were not fully pressed, would be pressed to the same direction - so I repressed the strips in order to be able to butt the seams together when I join the entire top.

This particular top is providing a number of learning opportunities.  And while it is not a part of the quilter's academy series, I'm not sure why there weren't any sashed quilts in Volume 1.  I did read ahead to Volume 2 in order to make sure that I'm doing it correctly.

I set up a bolster of blankets behind the ironing board so that I could prop up the various pieces as I was working on them throughout the day.  Miss Monkey tucker herself between Mike's pillow, the blankets and the ironing board and observed my progress between her naps.

Dash kept me company too, but stuck to the floor for the most part. Though thankfully not underneath my chair.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I have a new rescue basset boy who is attached to me like glue. He lays under my rolling chair and I am so afraid I will roll on those gi-normous ears!

Love your teal, and the penguins. Can't wait to see them finished!