Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Double Nine-Patch Chain - part 1

Taking advantage of being able to reach my sewing space - and also of having washed and organized three loads of fabric this weekend, I started the next project - the Double Nine-Patch Chain.

I'm reversing the color values - using black in place of tan and yellow in place of the blue to complement the penguins.  Often I find the hardest part of getting started on a new project is deciding which of the fabrics to choose.  I love all things penguin - and bought several yards at the end of bolt sale a few months ago with no particular project in mind.

I thought about using the penguins/puffins & polar bear fabric that I also have too much of, but didn't like the contrasts and having a light/pastelish border - so I'll save that one for another project.

After cutting all of the strips - and apparently a few extra black strips as I'm not sure how I miscounted, I pressed the folds out as I use the recommended method of folding twice before cutting - but this does leave three creases instead of 1.

My final task for tonight was to start sewing strips together.  The four sets of corner block strips are done - waiting to be pressed and cut. The strips for the nine patches and the centers need to be pressed and have the other side added. And the strips for the large Nine Patch blocks are pressed and ready to be cut to size - however, I first need to make sure that my YUMS are matching up so that the blocks aren't too large or too small.

As I've been working this week, I'm also working my way through the Pirates of the Caribbean in the background. I love a pirate who sashays.  The Black Pearl just returned from World's End, so I'll close now to watch a little more and hand out with the sleeping Corgis.

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Mary Ann & Mother said...

Wow! Way to get busy!! I just watched POTC last week - sashaying pirates galore in that movie!! Your penguins are fun - I've never seen this fabric before.