Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quilting is a universal language!

No pictures just now. I've been traveling for work and pleasure for three of the last four weeks. I am writing now from my grandmother's house (my Mormor) just south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yesterday, Mom and I discovered a lovely quilt store - Issi Works - and spent quite a lot on fabric by Danish designers.  The owner understands some English though she speaks little. I understand a little Danish and can say please and thank you...  However - we could easily communicate over fabric and we spent some very enjoyable time admiring her completed quilts as well as being inspired by one she is working on for her daughter (leading to the purchase of 7 meters of Dansk Julen fabrics for my stash).

This afternoon, we visited a quilt store in Helsingbor, Sweden - after blundering into two general fabric stores and getting directions to the real quilt store.  Fortunately, Mom speaks Danish and understands Swedish, as I understand/speak less Swedish than Danish...  In this store, we found a panel related to the fabrics we purchased yesterday for an Advent Calendar. I now have 4 of these to make for the four households in our family - hopefully by Christmas - but some will be more likely done in time for Christmas 2011.  Again, the owner and I had a delightful time admiring her work. She has pieced a Bargello top from one of the Hoffman Batik rolls that she did during the Icelandic volcano eruption - and it is reminiscent of the mountains.

Tomorrow I plan to visit one or two more stores before returning home.  I have seen many bolts of fabric that I can purchase at home and continue to seek out those that I cannot.

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