Friday, October 29, 2010

The pieced Triple Rail quilt

I really like the way this quilt turned out.  I have several ideas for the borders but am waiting to work my way to Class 180.  This quilt did remind me that it matters to take the time to square each of the blocks.  On this one, I also learned that I need to purchase a little more fabric than the book calls for as I ended up back at Thimble Pleasures picking up more of the white floral.  At this point, I think the inner border will be the dark blue and the wide border will be either the white paisley or the Hoffman Gypsy paisley - my concern is that I don't have enough of that to go around.  I may do a scrappy binding, or a solid, haven't quite decided and I think I have enough to back with the white floral, or the light blue. 

I actually completed this top prior to starting my travels in September and took the pictures before I left.  And somehow managed to not post anything in nearly a month...  Over the past six weeks, I've spent a week at Disney with Gus, a week in Cameroon for work, a week in Denmark with my Mother to visit my Mormor who turns 98 on Halloween, and finally 2 days in New York City and with just 8 days in the office scattered throughout. Oh, and I've also camped with the Cub Scouts and spent a morning on a very neat hike, plus cheered Gus on at 2 hockey games... I missed playing with fabric - and have thought a lot about what I want to do for the upcoming projects.

I'm also suffering a little paralysis getting started again.  I am looking forward to the weekend, and if nothing else will sort and store the 30 plus yards of fabric I carried home with me from my travels.  The customs officer questioned my volume of fabric (and the $$) - but between a crummy exchange rate and the price of fabric in Denmark, it didn't take much to add it to an outrageous amount. He accepted "I quilt" as an explanation.

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