Thursday, September 2, 2010

Triple Rail Quilt, Class 140 continued.

I am addicted to gadgets and tools (my scrapbook supplies are taking over the house and the quilting items are threatening to catch up).

However, I do wish that I had purchased Quilter's Academy before I went ruler and notion shopping as I'd have saved myself some money.  For more expensive items, I do spend some time researching them and I'll buy the best that I can afford. Case in point - my favored rotary cutter is by Gingher - and I did find a good deal on one of the designer sets which came with a seam ripper - and it is wonderful.  I like the balance of both tools in my hand.  I also have three different brands of rulers and of cutting mats. I've got a couple brands of pins too, and I like the IBC silk pins better than the yellow tipped quilters pins.  I also like some of the flat head pins.  I do pin the strips because I don't yet feel confident that the strips won't slip apart.

So after finishing cutting and squaring the 99 blocks for this quilt, I unfolded my design wall and laid it across the bed.  And reduced some of the need to bend by working on the layout in sections and then walking around the bed to pull it across. Both Corgis gave their seal of approval by jumping up and landing on the layout.  Monkey landed so gently she barely moved the blocks. Dash landed like an elephant and dislodged quite a few.  He is now sleeping on my foot so has forgiven me shoving him off the bed.

I photographed the layout from directions to see how it would look upside down.

I like it both ways.

The blocks are now nicely stacked on my handy dandy tray and ready for me to start sewing.

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