Friday, June 14, 2013

Mom Cave Update

 Just in time for a weekend being spent sewing away from the house (I'm participating in a guild workshop taught by Sarah Ann Smith this weekend -Tame Fiddly Fussy Threads for Machine Quilting), I have a useable work space again. It took several dedicated evenings and a good movie playing in the background to get here.  There are still some tweaks to make (and as long as I don't look behind me I'm happy) but I've got the basics sorted out.
There have been some substantial changes - the cutting/pressing station is now in the middle of the room - behind my sewing stations. And as mentioned before that space is now inhabited by my fabric hutch. Attempts at getting Command Strip hooks to stick have been variable. Periodically rulers slide to the floor - so I'm rethinking where some of these have been hung.  I am committed to not putting nails in the side of the hutch.

Some of the rulers are in the middle drawer. The largest will go onto nails on the wall (these don't fit in the drawers). It would be nice to have some of the most frequently used easily available.

Bernadette has been acting up recently, and I've learned more about foot control pedals than I expected to...  apparently the old 290 controller features a series of carbon disks inside a mechanism that affects how quickly the needle moves. Each time the disk is activated, a little bit burns away.  As this part is no longer readily available, I'll be on the lookout for a replacement pedal for both machines - fortunately they have the same plug/cord so both Bernadette and Penny can share a pedal.  For strip piecing, the rapid rate of stitching isn't a problem - but for detail work like applique, it is.

Mollie is now sporting an overlay which creates a smoother surface for maneuvering the quilt and utilizing rulers.

The broad overview. I can promise it won't be this clean tomorrow.  Next project is to get back to work on the Sandy Breeze so that I can get it turned back in to my guild.

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