Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wahoo! NC Quilt Symposium

The Stars have aligned and I'm going to Symposium this year for the first time as a student!  I've been to the quilt show and vendor mall twice in the past few years, when it has been within driving distance (okay, so Charlotte really isn't a day trip, but it is a great excuse to visit my sister).

I received official confirmation earlier this week that I am enrolled in my two first choice classes!

On Friday, I will spend the day with Sandy Fitzpatrick in No Fear Free Motion Quilting. I am looking forward to learning and improving my FMQ.  More incentive to practice prior to attending so that I can get more out of the class. 

On Saturday, I will spend the day with Harriet Hargrave (yes you are reading that right!) in Invisible Machine Applique.  I am particularly excited about finally meeting Harriet.  When I learned she would be teaching, I was really hoping that she would be teaching Heirloom Machine quilting, but that was not an option here. I didn't learn that she would be in our neck of the woods (well a 5 hour drive versus flying) at Mountain Quiltfest until after her classes there were completely full.  I've not done much applique in the past so I'm looking forward to this workshop as well. I've already finished reading Mastering Machine Applique (twice).  We were instructed to indicate which course was our first-first-first choice in order that everyone have a chance to get into at least one of their first choice classes over the weekend - so I highlighted and double starred it.

I do find it amusing that I'm taking a free motion quilting course from a teacher known for her applique and an applique course from the fairy godmother of machine quilting...

There is an incredible array of talent teaching at Symposium this year (Kaye England, Sharon Schamber, Susan Brubaker-Knapp and Augusta Cole to name a few). So picking just two courses was not easy.

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SandraB said...

Woo Hoo!!! So happy for you. Please take pictures and share with us.