Monday, April 15, 2013

2nd Quarter Finish-A-Long

I recently discovered Finish-A-Longs - what a great way to cheer on others who are working with UFOs.

she can quiltLeanne at She Can quilt is hosting one, and the deadline to enter is midnight tonight. Just sneaking in under the wire for my first one.

Now to pick which projects I can reasonably complete.  The primary rule I see is that it must be already started - so the PSSIMH are out (those are "projects still stuck in my head"). June 30-July 7 is the target for completion - so let me be reasonable.

First up - one that Gus is begging me to finish before he graduates high school (he is in the sixth grade, so there might be a touch of the dramatics happening...) is Gus's Dragon Quilt.

The top is pieced but the borders are not attached yet. There will be several including a pieced border. This one scares me a little because I like it so much and my quilting skills are beginner at best. Gus helped me design this in terms of laying out the dragon colors.

Quilt number 2:  Let's see what I can do with the Dr. Seuss Log Cabin.  Originally intended as a gift for my youngest nephew as an infant, he is now 2...

I think this top is done. I tried out a few ideas for borders, but like it as it is.  The backing is the black & white Dr. Seuss scatter.  Not sure what I'll bind it in just yet.  I auditioned a rainbow strip and did not like it. I'm not sure if I could find enough of the red dot, but that is the way I'm leaning as I look at this one again.

Quilt 3:  Another that needs borders. French Rail Fence.

I have a few different ideas for the borders. I may add some applique for additional interest - perhaps a large Fleur-de-lis or a cluster of lilies.  Not sure how I want to quilt it just yet. It will be a lap quilt when done.

Quilt 4: My first top - Floral Wonderland.  Therefore my oldest UFO.

I am hopeful that I have enough of the red in my stash for either a narrow border or for the binding. The daisy fabric will be the wider border. Not sure how to quilt it yet.

Okay - I'm going to leave it at 4 for this quarter. And I'll be thrilled if I can get them all completed.


Dawn Winter said...

With your new sweet 16, I'm sure you'll have NO problem. Go for it.

SandraB said...

What a nice review of your piecing history. I enjoyed watching you do them, especially the dragon quilt. Good luck with your quilting plans. I know you can do it!

Kirsten said...

Thanks! The hiccup will likely be borders and basting!

Mary Ann said...

You're going to want to practice making quilt sandwiches first and free motion quilting with your new Sweet 16, then tackle them from #1 to #4. This is a great post - it's fun to see all the tops you've created! I especially love the log cabin - I haven't tried that one yet!! Good luck and please continue posting pics.

Kirsten said...

Thanks Mary Ann.

I'm about to assemble the batting squares for Harriet's batting "test." So I'll have lots of pieces to practice on and gain confidence with Mollie.