Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A trip to the NC Quilt Symposium

The NC Quilt Symposium is held annually during the first week in June.  Last year, I discovered the Symposium too late to register, but did travel to Charlotte to see the quilt show. It was amazing, and the source of lots of quilting inspiration.  This year I had every intention of attending because it was practically next door in Raleigh. Unfortunately the last week of school for Gus combined with tryouts for ice hockey consumed my week. But I did make a point of heading over to the quilt show on Sunday morning.  Here are a few of my favorites from the show.
BEST OF SHOW!  Swamp Hibiscus Made by Judith Heyward 
Center detail for Swamp Hibiscus
This is one of my favorite quilts. The workmanship is fabulous, as is the detail. Plus I learned about a native flower to NC.  She totally deserved this ribbon. 

In keeping with the flower theme - these two wall hangings are just stunning. Someday, I'd like to learn threadpainting and beadwork.

Patty's Petals made by Linda Black

Detail for Patty's Petals - beautiful thread painting on the Clemantis blooms.

Beadazzling Sunflower made by Marilyn Alexieff.
The method is piecelique, and was started in Sharon Schamber's class.

Detail work from Beadazzling Sunflower - showing the dazzling beadwork.
There is always a selection of fun quilts too...
Chickens on Parade made by Dorothy Karvelis.  The applique work on this is incredible!
Dinosaurs on Parade, made by Joan Byron.  Inspired by the Celestial Circles pattern by Cheryl Phillips.
Hopeful Returns made by Susie Williams

Shadow E. made by Kim Frisk. The quilt was started in David Taylor's 2010 workshop at Symposium.

Purrfect Panel made by Laura Jackson

I really like the quilting detail on this one.
I'll stop for now and say that I find these shows so much fun to attend and so very inspiring!


Impera_Magna said...

What lovely quilts... thank you so much for sharing these photos... I hope to attend the NCQS next go 'round!

Kirsten said...

I looked it up and the 2012 NCQS will be at Western Carolina U, June 7-10. I'm definitely going to try to attend. Last year I didnt' have a camera with me, which I dearly regretted. My cell phone is not adequate to the task.

LaDonna and Diana said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts! Looks like an amazing show!