Thursday, February 17, 2011

The end is in sight - 36 down, 12 to go...

The end is near! Asian Nights is close to being complete.  Over two nights, I've reduced the number of individual blocks to the point where I hope to complete the final 12 tonight - so that I can decide on the final layout of the forty eight that make up this quilt.  48 blocks created from 1,344 patches - which means multiple trips back to the cutting mat and the ironing board.

Tuesday night -

60 units pressed
84 units trimmed to square the corners

4 episodes of Big Bang Theory play in the background (possibly more)

Wednesday night -

24 half blocks sewn together to create 12 finished, none ripped out to be restitched!

48 diagonal half blocks converted to 24 diagonal four patches!

36 new units pressed.

24 diagonal four patches combined with 24 four patch blocks to create 24 more half blocks, waiting to be pressed and finished.

3 more episodes of the Big Bang Theory play in the background...

So, what have I learned from this project?

1.  When changing fabrics from those pictured in the instructions, it makes good sense to write down the color that you plan to use in its place.  I think this would have solved most of my pressing issues in combining the four patch blocks.

2. Nesting the seams really does help to achieve a perfect meeting in the center of a block, so making a practice block before jumping into cutting and pressing all of the components can help.

3.  Measure thrice, cut once.

4. If you don't absolutely love this project, stay with the Town Square size. It is a great teaching quilt, especially for developing precision in cutting and piecing, but it can also get quite tedious after awhile.  I am very happy to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Rocknquilts said...

Great work! I appreciate all your tips very much and plan to read up on them before beginning this myself. I've been working on Harriet's Woodland Winter today, sticking pretty much to her colors. I absolutely LOVED your Dr. Seuss fabrics, so alternative fabric choices are certainly something I could get braver about. Yours looks wonderful! I can't wait to see your finished "Town Square"!

BlockHead said...

I'd forgotten how much work was in this quilt. It's going to be all worth it though Kirsten. My version is my fav couch quilt - I use it all the time in winter (it has a wool batting) and the size is just right. You'll love it when it's done - trust me :)

Kirsten said...

Last night, I had every intention of finishing and ended up falling asleep with Gus and the Corgis piled on top of me, watching even more episodes of the Big Bang Theory... we are almost through the end of Season 3, if I'd stop falling asleep in the middle. I think I'm heading for a Northern Exposure festival next.