Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

The men of the house have gone out for Pizza and to see Megamind.  My grand plan worked.  Trans Siberian Orchestra is playing and I'm cutting and pressing the next project quilt - as well as gradually pressing the nine-patch blocks for the nine patch challenge.

Pictures later as I don't want to lose momentum.

Okay - I'm back. Very successful evening. The guys had fun at the movie and I had fun with fabric.

This next project is a log cabin quilt - I cut all of the strips tonight and then fussy cut 16 centers.  I'm using the Dr. Seuss fabric by Kaufman - the back will be the black & white print with the red dots on white. 

I cut four Hortons, four from The Cat in the Hat (lots of Things 1 & 2), two from Sneeches which is my favorite Dr. Seuss story, the Lorax, four from Green Eggs and Ham and a fox which I think if from Fox in Socks. I completed the first set of logs, there will be three sets altogether.

Between cutting, starching and pressing, I also pressed most of the 9 patch challenge blocks that I finished over the last week.  The next step for that project will be to square the blocks - lots of trimming to go, and I do need to finish some of the lingering blocks.

Hopefully I'll get more sewing time this weekend - though we do have a Cub Scout activity all day tomorrow and two hockey games on Sunday.


Quilterrits said...

love Cat in the Hat! the blue fabric is great contrast for the fussy cut centers--good job!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I adore this fabric and havent seen any other works in progress using it so I'm so glad I visited!

Love your log cabin Dr. Seuss blocks. Hope you got extra sewing in between the hockey games and cub scouts!

Rocknquilts said...

I absolutely LOVE your Dr. Seuss fabric - what company produces it? Great idea to send the boys out for pizza and a guy movie!