Saturday, November 13, 2010

Continuing the 9 patch challenge

I really like the color combination and possibilities
Throughout the week, hockey got in the way a bit. Though I did spend Tuesday night cutting the rest of the strips into 3 inch rows of 3 blocks and Thursday I grouped the rows into threes in order to be ready to sit down and sew. I really like chain stitching!  I also finally figured out how leaders/enders work in the chain stitching, at least the way I am conceptualizing, so I'll get my squares ready for the dragon border soon to try to get as many of those put together while working on the next QA project.

The problem came in with the blue speckled fabric.
I made three sets with the speckles on the outside.
One slight hitch, which may send me back to Thimble Pleasures this weekend was finding that I suddenly have a plethora of strips with dark middles, and not enough with dark corners. I can see exactly where I went wrong when I was constructing sets - and I'm not sure if I got two strips mixed up while chain stitching or if I just was not paying enough attention.  I think I can fix it without the extra trip for another quarter yard of fabric...

I think I mentioned that I've decided to use the blocks in two lap sized quilts rather than one Huge quilt as I'm not ready to face wrestling a Queen sized quilt through the quilting process. This way I won't be scared to finish the project. I've got enough apprehension as it is about starting to actually sandwich and quilt some of these projects.

My new iron arrived. I purchased one of the Classic style Black & Decker steam irons with as few bells and whistles as possible. I did not want anything digital as that is just one more item to break.  So far I'm very satisfied with the weight and I can see an improvement in some of my pressing.  The blocks I finished last week have not yet been pressed as I'm saving that pleasure for when I'm in the mood to steam.

My helpers are also quite attentive to the process, and I am careful to keep curious noses away from hot irons.
I've been looking at lots of 9 patch layouts and had initially thought about doing a disappearing 9 patch, but I think I'm heading for something with clusters of blocks and sashing.  Nothing too complex.  Far in the future, I'm thinking that this will be quilted with wavy lines given the dolphin theme in the quilts to invoke thoughts of the sea.

 By the end of the weekend, I should have many more blocks ready to press!

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Quilterrits said...

they are lovely! I can see the waves already