Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reflections on the Rag Quilt...

Soon after finishing the TarHeel Rag Quilt, I started to read Quilter's Academy, the Freshman Year and numerous lightbulbs went on.

Even for something as simple (deceptively so) as a rag quilt, there are a few things that needed to be done.

First - I completely skipped pressing the fabric. I chose not to prewash in order to ensure maximum fuzziness at the end, BUT it turns out that pressing something that I want to look wrinkled in the end is still quite important.  I'll be working through Class 120 this weekend to better prepare my next projects.

Second - an inch isn't necessarily an inch. It never occurred to me that rulers could measure differently - as thinking back - I used a Creative Grids Ruler to cut the 8.5 inch strips (butted up against an Omnigrid square ruler) and then the Omnigrid square to cut the squares.  A few threads difference really DOES make a difference. No wonder I couldn't match the edges exactly as I assembled the squares.  Classes 110-Lesson 4 and 120-Lesson 4 were eye openers.  I've now added a rectangular Omnigrid to my collection and will eventually add some Creative Grids Squares - as I do like both brands - but definitely need to stick with one brand per project.

Third - when I realized that my squares were not square - I should have gone back and squared them up and accepted that the finished blocks would be slightly less than 7.5 inches once everything was stitched together (for the rag quilt, I was working with 1/2 inch seam allowances). Here are the trimmings from Rag Quilt number 2...

Fourth - the Class 120 lessons regarding seam accuracy are enlightening - and now that I have my machine back, I'll be checking carefully and setting up the seam guide - likely would have helped a lot for the occasional wavy seam as I eyeballed it into the night.

So - at this point, you may be wondering where the Corgis come into all of this?...  As I type, Miss Monkey sneaks up on the chair with me to rest her head on the keyboard and is rather offended at being unceremoniously removed. Dash is/was sleeping quietly on a pillow on the floor next to me but appears to have moved to the other side to divert the air from the a/c vent.  They've been wrestling in the living room this morning - amusing us as always and contributing fur for future projects.  When you live with Corgis, you understand that Corgi Fluff is actually a fashion accessory - so inevitably, some will end up stitched into the quilts (it is already incorporated into my cross stitch projects...).  Additionally, they will remind me to get up and move around - something very important for general health.

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