Monday, December 12, 2011

FNSI - Results and Reminder

While I completely forgot to sign up for FNSI, I did spend the evening doing quilt related activities.  The first was to remove the silver cloth from my big board. This was something that Harriet Hargrave recommended shortly after I completed the board as the silver cloth is not ideal for pressing with steam - and she is right. It just took me a long time to agree with her.  I think the deciding factor for me was the corners of the double Irish chain - while they looked and felt straight going on - somewhere in the pressing, I got a lot of ripples and they are not as crisp as they could be.  So I grabbed Gus's all purpose tool that he won at Cub Scouts (I think for Popcorn sales) and started pulling staples.  Once I find the staple gun - it is stored in a very "safe" place right now, I'll replace it with a canvas drop cloth purchased at Lowe's hardware. The drop cloth has the feel of cotton duck, and the price was right. In fact, after taking out the stitching from the the center, I have two covers for my big board that I can use interchangeably.  For now, I'll have to fasten it on with the binder clips that I use for holding the backing straight when sandwiching a quilt.

I decided on the spots close to the blocks and bricks by the fire trucks variation for the DIC quilt.  The second project I completed on Friday was to sandwich this quilt, and I hope to get the quilting done during the week, and move on to the next quilt for the upcoming FNSI which will be on Friday, December 16th.


Impera_Magna said...

The silver "teflon" type fabric isn't good for pressing? Hmmm... thanks for sharing... will head to Lowe's for a canvas drop cloth!

Thanks for sharing!

Kirsten said...

Yep - slippery so the fabric moves. I've also noticed that when I spritz items to use steam, they don't always steam dry. Plus it stays hot.

Cheers, K

QuiltAcademy2012 said...

I took a sneak peek at Volume 2, and am so glad I didn't purchase the silver top for my future "big board" that I have asked my son to make me (after he finishes the cutting table, bookshelves, touching up the paint and cleaning out the remaining "mess" in my sewing room.

Thanks for posting on my blog! I look forward to reading your "early lessons".