Monday, August 8, 2011

Re-purposing household items for quilting

So - what common household items do you use when quilting?

For this project, I've grabbed
  • a salad bowl from the kitchen, which we never use for actual salad (may need to just grab the rest of the set as well as I like the size and weight) to hold my pinning supplies, 
  • along with a cruet dish which is currently accepting the pins as I remove them from the quilt (will likely go back to using my magnetic pin holder). 
  • my favorite - the coffee stir sticks, something of which there never seems to be a shortage - our Cub Scout pack has thousands of these. We are thinking about having the boys build things with them, but I digress (and due to the CS sticks being stored elsewhere, the ones I used are not from the Pack, so we still have thousands available...)
  • blue painters tape is wonderful for tacking items temporarily (emphasis on temporary) and for marking borders and the like
  • binder clips, not shown, are fabulous for clamps. I bought extra large clips fresh so as not to worry about transferring any inks from papers or previously clipped items.
So what items have you re-purposed from around the house?


Barb said...

I've used cookie cutters to make simle quilting designs on kids quilts!!

Kirsten said...

I love that idea! I remember using cookie cutters many years ago when we were doing iron ons for t-shirts.