Monday, March 7, 2011

Interlacing Circles

This weekend was much more productive than I'd originally hoped it could be.  I'd been putting off cutting the strips for the celestial teal and the yellow as both started at 2 yards, which is a bit longer than my ironing board and I didn't want to end up with v-shaped strips due to not straightening the cloth correctly. Ironically, the only V I found yesterday is a red strip, which is from the smallest piece of yardage.

Gus was supposed to play hockey at 11:45 on Sunday, which effectively blocks out most of the day for other activities. He got invited to a sleepover on Saturday night with some hockey friends and when the game got canceled due to large holes in the ice (a fuse blew on the compressor overnight), I suddenly earned a few extra hours - so I started cutting strips.  By the time I left to pick up Gus,  I had all of my strips cut. 

After dinner, I started pressing the creases back out of the strips to kill time before picking up a new trainee at the airport (work stuff, yes on a Sunday night).  Fortunately I checked his flight online and found that it was delayed - so I sewed the strips for the A rail blocks.  Then I checked again, and found that I had time to sew the B rail block strips.  Another refresh on the screen earned me time to press both sets of strips... and the next refresh got me started on the strips for the 9 patch blocks.  Haven't pressed those yet as I need to figure out which direction to press them...  I finally left for the airport at 11:30 p.m. (yep you read that right - got home at 1:40 a.m.).  I would have started cutting the strips into blocks for the rails - but have overstressed my right wrist due to all of the pressing and cutting yesterday.  I absolutely must replace  my ironing board now.  I've bent one of the legs and the 30 degree downward angle definitely stressed my wrist while pressing yesterday. Will need to ice it again when I get home - as I am right-handed and my wrist is not happy typing either.  Ah well, live and learn.


Rocknquilts said...

Oh, my goodness!! No one can accuse you of not taking advantage of the moment!! :-)
I got an ironing board from WalMart for $40 - it's extra wide, has legs that splay out that the bottom for extra leverage, a rack to hold things underneath, and has an iron holder at the end - I love it! At Target, I picked up a hand and wrist support. Whenever my hand is bothering me, I slip it on and it helps prevent further injury. Glad you were able to accomplish so much over the weekend! Wednesday I have a local gal visiting who also quilts and we're going to do a show and share and then on Mar 19th we're going to have a Saturday Sew-In! I'll post about it at rocknquilts. Have a great week! Mary Ann

Kirsten said...

I spent last night looking at ironing boards online to figure out what to replace the Walmart Special with. I also looked at the Big Board site to get an idea of what she uses under the board. So I have a few ideas, and am loaded with coupons for Bed/Bath/Beyond.

The ironing board died gracefully last night, dumping a pile of stuff on me as it slowly collapsed. One of the support legs buckled. The traditional T-leg design is not appropriate for supporting large loads.